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Technology is ruling the field of education. The future of education lies in the virtual world. With the use of multimedia and IT, learning can be made more effective and interesting. Though the personal touch from the teachers cannot be replaced by technology, virtual learning can improve performance of the students as it will be able to prolong the attention span of the students. Thus, IT serves as a tool for the teachers to use to improve effective learning. Besides reducing the workload of teachers, it also increased productivity.Another benefit of using technology is that parents will be able to monitor the progress of their children.
 A good example of the incorporation of ICT into the education system is a new initiative taken by the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) to create a virtual classroom. This initiative is well-received by the mass as the students will be able to interact and learn from world-class experts. Moreover, this virtual class will also help to resolve the problem of shortage of teachers and all the students will be able to learn simultaneously from one teacher irrespective which university they belong to in UP via video conferencing. However, for this system to take place successfully, both students and teachers have to be well-equipped with the latest IT knowledge. With the world participating in the technological race, this effort is the first step taken to embrace the new technology and creating a more innovative education system for the youth in India.