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Dr. Romit Dasgupta is an assistant professor in the Discipline of Asian Studies at The University of Western Australia. He was awarded his Ph.D at Curtin University in 2005. His Ph.D thesis on Japan’s corporate masculinity, received Chancellor’s Commendation and Best Thesis Award from the Asian Studies Association of Australia in 2006.


 He currently teaches courses in Japanese society and culture, Japanese language and popular culture in Asia. He has also previous teaching experiences in Japanese popular culture modules at the National University of Singapore.


 1) There has been an increased use of films to analyze popular culture as reflected through your recent publications. The examples include Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s "Tokyo Sonata" and a cross-cities collaboration film “About Love”.  What is your opinion of using films as a pedagogical tool/text in teaching popular culture? What kind of pedagogical tools have you adopted for conducting lesson and why?