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eLearning Week Preparation Guide

An eLearning Week will take place at the Faculty of Engineering from 5 to 9 March 2012, Week 8 of Semester 2, AY 2011/2012 .

This will involve all modules and includes lectures, tutorials and seminars. The Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT), Computer Centre and the Faculty of ScienceEngineering IT Unit will be managing the preparations and conduct of eLearning Week, under the direction of the Office of the Provost.

Table of Contents

Why eLearning Week?

The threat of a pandemic situation leading to campus zoning or home quarantine is real.

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Refer to Preparing for a Human Influenza Pandemic in Singapore, pp. 30-31, MHA, 2009.

Other emergencies or accidents may also necessitate temporary measures that require students and staff to stay at home. During these times, eLearning can be instituted so that the University can continue a certain level of teaching and learning.

Two years ago, the University's first campus-wide eLearning Week focused on lectures. Subsequently, the NUS Business School and the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences conducted comprehensive eLearning Weeks which included tutorials and seminars online.

These were held successfully, and the Faculty of Science has been selected to carry out the next full implementation of eLearning Week. This will pose challenges as faculty and students will have to adapt to online methods of conducting tutorials and seminars.

The Office of the Provost hopes that you take this exercise as an opportunity to pick up new skills and to prepare yourself for emergency situations.

University's Objectives

  • Stress test the University's ability to carry on teaching during major disruptions without seriously affecting students’ study plans.
  • Encourage faculty to explore and develop innovative ways of teaching.


Through eLearning Week, CIT hopes that faculty staff:

  • Learn about the options available to them for eLearning.
  • Learn at least one method of delivering a lecture and conducting a class online.
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