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Where will my module be hosted?

AY 18/19 Semester 2, January 2019

  • LumiNUS is in beta; IVLE runs as per normal.

Academic staff choose whether to use LumiNUS or IVLE for each of their modules.

Generally, a module will either be on LumiNUS or IVLE, but not both. This is because the two systems do not share the same database.

There are circumstances where teaching staff host a module partly on LumiNUS and partly on IVLE. The bulk of the modules that fall into this category are modules with Web Lectures (see below).

The bottom line: the modules' teachers choose where to host each module. We have informed them to notify you of their choice. If it is unclear which system they will use, please check with your module coordinator.

AY 19/20 Semester 1, August 2019