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LumiNUS no longer issue and support guest (gst) accounts. In future, adding of non-NUS users will be via their social media account . We are still working with NUS IT. More details will be released soon. or create a new password sign up. 

Below is the impact:

  • Active (not expired) gstxxx accounts with non-NUS email will be migrated.
    The existing password is no longer valid. Please login via the social media login which is tied to the personal email, or create a new password sign-up.
  • Gstxxx accounts with NUS email will not be migrated.
    Please login using your NUS credential instead.
  • When adding a non-NUS user as a student into a module, you can simply add in the personal email address. An invitation will be sent to the user. The user will need to login into LumiNUS for the first time in order to activate the account.
  • When adding a non-NUS staff as a facilitator of a module, please use the department visitor account.

We will be sending emails to the affected accounts.

Note that there is no change to NUS users logging in using the NUS credentials.


Project tool will not be available in LumiNUS. It will be replaced by Class & Groups, Files, Consultation and Evaluation. Evaluation is a work in progress and will only be ready in AY 19/20 S2.