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When you enter the submission folder, you will see students who have submitted their assignments. The students list will show the following information:

  1. Students’ information – This will show either the student’s name or number. However if you choose anonymous when setting the Display Option in Folder Permission section, this column will not appear.
  2. Submission date and time – If the students submitted late, an indicator will appear next to their submission time and date.
  3. Icons in the submission column – Depending on what the students submit, you will see an icon either for file or link. You can click on this icon to view the submission.
  4. Mark / Comment column with a check mark – The check mark will be in gray if you have not marked the submission. This check mark will turn green if you have entered the mark. To enter the mark or edit the mark, just click on the check mark and fill in the form.

The marks cannot be exported, but from the Gradebook tool, you can import the marks in.