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Additional Information

  1. Only host hosts need an a Zoom account. Participants and attendees do not require a Zoom account to join a Zoom session.

  2. Max number of participants per session is 100.
  3. A meeting host/presenter is able to mute or remove anyone from a session if required.Presenter rights can be transferred to any participants.

  4. To share YouTube clips, share the browser window, select Share computer sound and click Optimize for full-screen video clip.Additional user guides can be found on the Zoom support site. AnchorZoom host keyZoom host key

  5. Becoming the Host

    titleusing Host Keyfor Zoom sessions scheduled in LumiNUS

    When you schedule a session in LumiNUS, you will need to Reclaim Host Role to gain control of the session.

    Click on Participants. Then click on Claim Host. Type in the given session's 6 digit Host Key.

  6. Additional user guides can be found on the Zoom support site.

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