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Intro video


What is LumiNUS?

LumiNUS is the evolution of IVLE, NUS' learning management system (LMS). IVLE has existed since 1999, almost 20 years.

In that time, NUS has grown and technologies have advanced. CIT needs to make sure that our LMS is able to cope with ever larger loads and keep up with changes in technology. So, our team has developed the new LMS from the ground up.

When visiting LumiNUS, you will notice that it looks very different from IVLE.

But the changes are more than skin-deep. The entire underlying architecture and database have been changed.

These changes are significant enough to warrant a new name. Hence, LumiNUS.

What does LumiNUS mean?

LumiNUS alludes to luminous, which is defined as giving off light, or bright and shining. We hope that we can work with academic staff to light students' educational path in NUS.

When does LumiNUS launch?

LumiNUS launches in alpha in January 2018.

We expect LumiNUS to launch in beta in July 2018. The beta period will last at least until July 2019.

The tentative schedule is shown below.

AY17/18 S2AY18/19AY19/20
LumiNUSAlphaBetaFully operational
IVLEFully operationalFully operationalRead-only

What does alpha mean?

LumiNUS alpha is a preview of what to expect when LumiNUS launches.

  1. You should not use LumiNUS alpha for your modules. A number of known and unknown bugs are likely to surface.

  2. LumiNUS alpha does not have the full feature set planned for launch.

  3. Some features in LumiNUS alpha may not be in beta and final launch.

  4. Content created LumiNUS alpha will stay in beta and final launch. The records will not be purged unless the entire feature is removed.

IVLE will run as per normal during LumiNUS alpha. You should continue using IVLE for your modules.

Who can access LumiNUS alpha?

Only users who have signed up can access.

To sign up for alpha try-out, please click here:

CIT is considering an Alpha phase 2, open to the all NUS users in April.

Where can I access LumiNUS?

Signed-up alpha users (see above) can access LumiNUS at

What does beta mean?

LumiNUS beta means that you can start using LumiNUS for your modules/classes.

Some features may still be unavailable, but LumiNUS should be stable enough for actual use.

Despite that, we ask for your patience and understanding if things do go wrong.

LumiNUS and IVLE

What happens to IVLE?

IVLE will run concurrently with LumiNUS during the LumiNUS beta period.

However, development of IVLE will cease. IVLE development will be limited to critical security and bug fixes.

Once LumiNUS beta period is over, IVLE will go into read-only mode. Eventually, it will be shut down.

Are IVLE and LumiNUS connected?

No, IVLE and LumiNUS are not connected.

If you create a module and content in IVLE, they only exist in IVLE.

If you create a module and content in LumiNUS, they only exist in LumiNUS.

This is because they do not share a common database nor a common database structure.

Can I export my module and content from IVLE to LumiNUS?

Unfortunately, no. This is because IVLE and LumiNUS do not share a common database nor a common database structure.

Also, there are many legacy items which users have created in IVLE that have not been used for very long time or have never been used at all.

Thus, we hope to start fresh with LumiNUS.

Why have IVLE and LumiNUS run concurrently, if they are not connected?

We want to ease academic staff into LumiNUS, so we are running both concurrently to give you time to adapt to LumiNUS. The comfort level for a beta product will differ from person to person, so we have decided that both should be available while we polish LumiNUS up for actual launch.

I want to use LumiNUS during beta, but some of the features are not available. What should I do?

We advise you to continue using IVLE until the feature is available in LumiNUS.

We do not encourage you to set up your module in both IVLE and LumiNUS. This will be confusing for you and your students.

I co-teach a module with other lecturers. How should we choose between IVLE and LumiNUS?

We encourage one module to be on one platform only. Initially, your choice might be limited to IVLE, if you need a particular feature which is not yet available in LumiNUS. However, if all the co-teachers agree, you can set up your module on LumiNUS instead.

How will students know if a module is on IVLE or LumiNUS?

Academic staff will have to inform students whether your module is on IVLE or LumiNUS.

This will only affect AY18/19 as IVLE is scheduled to go into read-only mode in AY19/20.

LumiNUS Features

What is new in LumiNUS?

You can read about LumiNUS' features here.

Where can I get help with LumiNUS?

You can report a bug, ask a question or make suggestions at

LumiNUS Help Desk (NUSNET login required)


Staff Guide (to be developed)


Student Guide (to be developed)

Staff and students may also email