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  • MUA3224 Intermediate Keyboard Studies
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This module is about practical playing at the keyboard/piano. It consists of performance study and keyboard skills at an intermediate level. Hence, it is not for beginners. Students will learn interpretation skill and techniques through the solo piano repertoire. Keyboard skills include introduction to harmonization, transposition, improvisation, and score reading.

Students will be required to take a short audition before registering for the module. Bidding for this module is not required. We will register for you upon your successful audition.

Recommendation for audition: Grade 7-8 piano skill or 5 years of piano playing. Please email Dr. Koo to request for an audition.

Audition Information

Date: January 7th (Monday) & 11th (Friday), 2018

Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Requirement: 1. Play a short piano piece (your own choice). 2. Sightread one short excerpt.

Duration: 5 minutes

Venue: Music Conservatory, Studio 15, third floor

MUA3225 Early Advanced Keyboard Studies

Prerequisite: MUA3224 or through audition (similar to the above)

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