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Transitioning from IVLE to LumiNUS

Can admin or faculty have a student view for reference?

Student view/preview mode is not in LumiNUS. Items that students cannot see are indicated with the "not visible to students" icon or are marked as closed. The not visible icon also states the reason that the item is not visible to students, allowing the lecturer to directly take action to rectify, without toggling between edit and student view modes.


Is there a plan to support exporting question bank from IVLE to LumiNUS?

You can export your existing question bank from IVLE to QTI format, then import the QTI file into LumiNUS.

Files & E-Reserves

Question about uploads. Will there be a 1GB file size limit on LumiNUS?

Yes, there is still a 1GB file size limit per file.

How many layers of folders can you create?

There is no limit to the layers of folders in LumiNUS.

Do students have access to module folders after they complete a module (i.e. after the module closes)?

No, they do not have access to module folders after they complete a module. This is the same in IVLE.

For grading and commenting on student submissions, are other students able to see other students' grades and comments?

Students can only see their own grades and comments.

For commenting on student submissions, can we upload the students' assignments with our comments?

No, you can only provide comments for the submission. There is no option for you to upload an annotated file.

Is Turnitin integrated to Files?

Yes, it is already integrated. Turnitin integration remains the same as in IVLE.

How will librarians upload E-Reserves readings into LumiNUS?

There is a library administration section for librarians to upload readings, similar to IVLE.


Are students allowed to ask questions and post replies in the Forum anonymously in LumiNUS?

There is setting to allow posting anonymously, which is controlled by the manager of the forum.

If I attach a file in the Forum, can students read the attached file using their mobile phones? It seems they cannot do so in IVLE?

Students can read attached files using their mobile phones. Do note that the phone needs to be able to open the particular file type. This is not a LumiNUS/IVLE limitation.

Can we subscribe guests to the forum topics?

Yes, similar to how it is done in IVLE. You will need to grant access to guests.

Is there audio submission in the Forum?

No, there is no audio submission in the Forum.


Does Gradebook link to IMMS?

At the moment, users will have to export grades to a spreadsheet, then import into IMMS.

Gradebook integration with LumiNUS is dependent on NUS IT building an API (think of it as a socket we use to plug into) to allow LumiNUS to connect to IMMS.

When it is developed, it will work similar to how IVLE works with IMMS.

This will be ready by AY19/20 at latest.

Learning Flow

I noticed the Lesson Plan has been removed from LumiNUS.

It is replaced by Learning Flow. This is not a tool by itself. When activated, it is integrated into the Module.

Do the students have a calendar view of their Lesson Flow?

Lesson Flow shows the module resources in a week-by-week or topic-by-topic view, not a calendar view. Students can view consolidated deadlines on the Dashboard.

Can videos recorded via TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay be integrated into Learning Flow like in IVLE?

TechSmith Relay has been retired and is no longer available.


Can my Adobe Presenter (Breeze) presentations stored in IVLE Multimedia be used in LumiNUS?

Breeze has been shut down as of 30 June 2019, so these links will not work after that date. You may request for conversion of Breeze content to .mp4.

Is there a limit for size of video upload?

Direct uploads to Multimedia are capped at 1GB per file.

Project & Evaluation

In IVLE, we used to create a new project first, then create project groups. If Project is not available in LumiNUS, does it mean we cannot create project groups?

No, you can still create project groups for your module in Class & Groups. It is just that they will not be linked to a Project tool. These groups can be used to assign permissions for various other tools.


What question formats are available for Quiz?

All question formats currently available in IVLE will be available in LumiNUS.


Can SCORM videos run on LumiNUS?

We are currently working to bring the SCORM tool to LumiNUS.

Web Lectures

Who do we contact to record web lectures for LumiNUS?

The existing Web Lecture Request form will continue to work.


Is LumiNUS developed in-house?

Yes, it is build from ground up for NUS. It is not an off-the-shelf product.

What technology is LumiNUS developed on?

It is developed using Angular and .NET Core.

Can we download student photos according to groups in the attendance tool?

You can download student photos according to groups under Class & Groups in the module.

Is Chinese character input supported?

Yes, LumiNUS supports Chinese character input.

Is LumiNUS compatible with Mac and iOS?

Yes, it is. However, on Mac OS X, it works best with Chrome and Firefox.

Is there a LumiNUS mobile app?

Yes, there will be LumiNUS mobile apps for Android and iOS. However, they are unofficial.

The LumiNUS website is mobile-friendly, and it should suffice on most mobile phones and tablets.

Will there be training on how to use and set up LumiNUS features?

CDTL will conduct training for LumiNUS in March, May and July. You may access the staff guide.

Where can we ask questions about LumiNUS in the future?

You can ask questions, report bugs and request for help at LumiNUS helpdesk (NUSNET login required).

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