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How do I view the web lectures

Web lecture recording is opt-in. Not all lecturers choose to record web lectures.

If your lecturer records web lectures, please note that your lecturer decides when web lectures are published.

Please check with your lecturer, if you are in doubt. IVLE?

If your module is in IVLE (i.e. your lecturer is using LumiNUS only for web lectures, with all other tools in IVLE), you should:

  1. Log in to IVLE.
  2. Navigate to the module.
  3. Go to Multimedia, then Web Lectures.
  4. You should see the published web lectures. Click the web lecture you want to watch.
  5. You can also follow the instructions below, if access via IVLE does not work. LumiNUS?

If your module is being hosted on entirely on LumiNUS, you should:

  1. Log in to LumiNUS.
  2. Navigate to the module. (If you do not see your module, please remind your lecturer that s/he needs to publish the module in LumiNUS.)
  3. Click Web Lectures on the sidebar.
  4. You should see the published web lectures. Click the web lecture you want to watch.

What web browsers are supported for web lectures?

Your best options are the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox on both Mac and Windows.

Windows users can also use the latest versions of Edge or Internet Explorer.

Mac users should avoid using Safari for web lectures as there are numerous issues with web lectures on Safari.

Can I download the web lectures?

Web lecturers are not downloadable by default.

Lecturers can change this setting, if they want, so please contact the respective lecturer if you wish to download web lectures.

I get logged out after watching web lectures for more than a certain number of minutes. What can I do?

We believe we have fixed this issue. However, if you still experience getting logged out while watching web lectures:

  1. Please clear your browser's cookies and cache, restart the browser, then try again.
  2. If the problem persists, please let us know at LumiNUS Student Help (log in required).

I am a guest student. How do I access the web lectures?

If you are a guest student of a module in IVLE, please make sure that the lecturer adds you manually to the module in LumiNUS as well. This is because IVLE and LumiNUS do not share settings.

Are there alternative ways to view the web lectures?

You may log in to Select NUSNET from the drop-down list, then use your NUSNET ID and password to log in.

On the left sidebar, expand the LumiNUS folder, followed by your module folder.

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