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Dear NUS students,

Over the past year, the Centre for Instructional Technology has been preparing the NUS community for the transition from IVLE to LumiNUS.

On Sunday 4 August, IVLE will go into staff-only mode. This means that only staff will be able to log in to IVLE.

From AY19/20 onward, teaching staff have been directed to use LumiNUS.

Some of you may have already used LumiNUS in the past academic year. We acknowledge that LumiNUS has not met expectations thus far.

While we have made strides in improving the speed and stability of LumiNUS, we know that there is some way to go before LumiNUS is perceived to be as good as IVLE. 

  1. If you encounter any issues with LumiNUS, you can create a support request at the LumiNUS Student Help Desk. Alternatively, you can email
  2. If you need help with using LumiNUS, you may refer to the LumiNUS Student Guide. We also have a Students FAQ.
  3. For Corporate Courses such as Office of Safety, Health and Environment's (OSHE) safety courses, these will be ported to LumiNUS progressively from August onward.

We wish you a fruitful academic year ahead.


NUS Centre for Instructional Technology

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