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Dear students,

Many of you are aware that NUS is transitioning from IVLE to LumiNUS.

LumiNUS is the evolution of IVLE, NUS' learning management system (LMS). IVLE has existed since 1999, almost 20 years.

In that time, NUS has grown and technologies have advanced. We need to  make sure that our LMS is able to keep up with changes in technology.  So, our team has developed the new LMS from the ground up.

When visiting LumiNUS, you will notice that it looks different from IVLE.

But the changes are more than skin-deep. We have changed the entire underlying architecture and database.


When you log in to LumiNUS, it will show you an integrated view of your tasks and deadlines. This will help you to manage your school work.

In the future, the dashboard will also show your study progress. For example, you may have to watch videos and answer questions before class. The LumiNUS dashboard will show where you stand relative to your classmates.

You will also notice that LumiNUS is mobile-friendly. No matter the device, you will be able to access your materials, watch your web lectures, participate in the forums and much more.

Where will my module be hosted?

AY 18/19 Semester 2:  January 2019

  • LumiNUS is in beta; IVLE runs as per normal.

Academic staff choose whether to use LumiNUS or IVLE for each of their modules. Generally, a module will either be on LumiNUS or IVLE, but not both. This is because the two systems do not share the same database.

There are circumstances where teaching staff host a module partly on LumiNUS and partly on IVLE. The bulk of the modules that fall into this category are modules with Web Lectures (see below).

The bottom line: the modules' teachers choose where to host each module. We have informed them to notify you of their choice. If it is unclear which system they will use, please check with your module coordinator.

AY 19/20 Semester 1: August 2019

  • LumiNUS is officially launched; IVLE goes into staff-only mode.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, all modules will be hosted on LumiNUS from AY 19/20 onward. IVLE will go into staff-only mode and be shut down at a later date.

Web Lectures

At the start of AY 18/19, we moved to a new Web Lecture system. We decided to integrate the new Web Lecture system with LumiNUS because IVLE would soon be deprecated.

As such, all Web Lectures are available in LumiNUS only. If your lecturer uses IVLE, you should access the Web Lectures via Multimedia > Web Lectures in IVLE. This will send you directly to the Web Lectures in LumiNUS, without the need to log in again.

For further details about Web Lectures, visit the Web Lecture FAQ.

Getting Help

This message covers the most important details and is accurate at the time of writing. For the latest updates and further reading, please access the LumiNUS Students FAQ.

A LumiNUS student guide is available. Be that as it may, you will find many familiar tools from IVLE that work in similar ways. We designed LumiNUS so that you can use it without a guide. This is our aim, and we hope we have achieved it.

For help requests, questions and suggestions about LumiNUS, please log in and contact us at LumiNUS Student Help.

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