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There will be situations where teaching staff create one module on both platforms.

In these cases, we urge you to have a clear plan detailing which platform hosts specific tools. Use your plan to guide your administration of the module. Please communicate your plan to students too.

The scenario below is one example of how one module can exist on both LumiNUS and IVLE. Your own mix of tools will differ, depending on your situation.

Let us use the example of a module called EXP1001.

EXP1001 is a co-taught module split among three teaching staff. One of them - Prof X - records web lectures, the other two do not. Of the two that do not record web lectures, one of them, Prof E, uses the Project tool. Prof P is adamant on using IVLE to host the learning materials, forums and quizzes. They meet to discuss the situation.

As there is an impasse, the teaching staff create EXP1001 in IVLE and LumiNUS. Recall, the systems are separate, so changes in one do not affect the other system.

This is the plan:

  • They will create EXP1001 in IVLE and host most tools there. These include all Module information, Announcements, Assessment, Files, Forum and Project. This fulfils Prof E and P's requirements.

  • They will create EXP1001 in LumiNUS. They will hide all other tools and use Web Lectures only. The staff copy the Web Lectures URL for the module in LumiNUS and paste the URL in IVLE's weblinks. This fulfils Prof X's requirements.

  • The teaching staff explain to students that the module will be in IVLE, except for web lectures. The web lectures will be in LumiNUS. Teaching staff add that they will provide the links to the web lectures in LumiNUS from IVLE.

  • If you need to use both LumiNUS and IVLE for one module, do not attempt to duplicate content in both systems. This will double your work and make things confusing for you and your students.
  • If you decide to use LumiNUS, please remember to inform your students where to find your module. Most students would not know which platform you have decided to host your module.
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