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IVLE LAPI will be depreciated soon as we are in the process of revamping the entire API library and replacing it with the new LMS - LumiNUS.

If you are building stuff that uses NUS keyword in your websites or apps, you need to seek approval from OPC and OUC. This is to confirm that your website/app is legitimate.

Basic IVLE LAPI Set-up Concepts and Terminology



LAPI Calls

IVLE Learning Application Programming Interface (LAPI) by which programmers can view module information, latest announcements, webcast lectures, workbin files and student events, post forum messages, sign up for groups etc.
There are also APIs for IVLE Communities.


A unique LAPI password pre-allocated to you. You need to include the APIKey in all LAPI calls.


An user-specific authentication token generated by the login LAPI call. You need to include the AuthToken in all LAPI calls except the login.

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