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If you choose to do a wiki-based question for your term project, then you'll need to become familiar with wiki.nus! It's the platform on which you will collaborate with your group members and eventually publish and submit your work for the project.

A Little More About Wiki.NUS

The wiki.nus system is actually based on Confluence, an enterprise-strength wiki software. You don't need to know anything technical about how Confluence works for this assignment. You just need to figure out how to use wiki.nus to collaborate with your project group members to create and publish your content. You may also need to learn a bit of wiki markup language for certain advanced features.

The Organization of a Wiki

A wiki consists of a number of organized and linked pages of content. These pages are stored within a space. A space can also hold other types of content, including attachments (e.g. images, documents, etc), discussion forums, blogs, interfaces to email accounts, etc. This content can be shared within and across spaces - for example, a page might have a link to a attached document, have an image embedded within it, or a link to a page in another space.

First - Logging in

The first thing you will need to do is log in from the wiki.nus website. You can do this be clicking on the "Log In" link at the top right corner of the page.

Logging in requires your NUSNET userid (e.g. U761234) and password.

Creating a Wiki

Once you are logged into wiki.nus, you will see your Dashboard page. This lists, among other things, your spaces.

You can create a space from the Dashboard, and then proceed to add wiki pages into that space. Follow these instructions to create a Global Space. Remember to label your page CS1105_xyz where xyz is the topic that you have chosen for the project.


Does every member of the project team need to create their own space and wiki?

No. Only one group member needs to create a space. Under the administration tools for the space, you can give permission to your team members to modify the space and its pages.

Setting Permissions to the Wiki

Confluence allows the creator of a space to restrict the viewing and editing of a space or/and a page. For CS1105, we require you to restrict the team wiki at the space level.

To access the space permissions,

  1. Click the 'Browse Space' link for the space. This is located at the top of every page and beside the space link on the dashboard.
  2. Go to the 'Space Admin' tab. This tab is only displayed if you are a space administrator.
  3. Click the 'Permissions' link in the left-hand panel under the heading 'Security'. This will display the space's current permissions assigned to the different groups and users.
  4. Click the 'Edit Permissions' button.
  5. The 'Edit Space Permissions' screen appears.

To assign space permissions to users,

  1. Access the 'Edit Space Permissions' screen as described above.
    The Individual Users section shows a list of users who already have permissions to access the site.
    • To add a new user to the list, type the username into the text box labelled 'Grant browse permission to' and click the 'Add' button. The user will appear in the list of users, with 'View' permission assigned, and you can then add more permissions if necessary.
    • To search for a user:
      • Click the icon.
      • The 'User Search' window will appear. The user search is the same as is used when applying page restrictions.
      • Check the boxes to select the required user(s).
      • Click the 'Select User(s)' button. The username(s) will appear in the 'Grant browse permission to' text box.
      • Click the 'Add' button.
  2. Click 'Save All' to apply the permissions.

Who are the users that we need to allow view and edit access?

You will need to allow access to your teammates and your respective lecturers/tutors. Add your teammates log-in IDs i.e. their NUSNET log-in IDs. These are the IDs of your lecturers and tutors.
















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