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Wireless technologies have several benefits, which are widely recognized, by the world. By providing services to people wherever and whenever they need it, it has created convenience to its users. For example, post-office network is established via the network. Through there are a lot of projects launched to increase the awareness of wireless technology, there is a constant need to upgrade their projects or conduct it at a bigger scale as the number of users is ever increasing day by day. An example of the project launched is the launching of phone under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, which is able to collate and verify information without any leakages. The spread of wireless technologies could increase employment especially with the accessibility to the Internet as mentioned by Salil Singhal, chairman, CII (Northern Region) and chairman, Secure Meters Ltd. Due to the low costs and enhanced features in the mobile phones, sales of mobile phones are generally higher than the sales of computing and consumer electronics devices. Thus, besides the computers, Mobile phones are playing a role in contributing to the socio-economic changes in various sectors of life such as healthcare, entertainment and education. 

One fine effort taken to integrate wireless technologies in every part of an Indian's life is Qualcomm. It is a technology developed in India which has enabled wireless connectivity affordable and accessible to the middle-class masses


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