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Future improvements

  1. All our news are currently organized in categories. We may need to branch out more if it gets too extensive.
    Solved: We now have both categories and chronological order. Looks much neater. Articles are also sorted by months by default as well!
  1. More interesting names to categories our news.
    Noted: It's news after all. We wanted our categories to be functional.
  1. Expand to other categories of news
    Solved: We now have 7 categories of news and in each, we provided a concise review of the area concerned.
  1. Expand to other countries
    We did include comparison studies with countries such as Russia, USA and Saudi while doing the case study for "A Wireless Taipei". We did not focus more on other countries because it was beyond the scope of this project.

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  1. Unknown User (u0802110)

    "All our news are currently organized in categories. We may need to branch out more if it gets too extensive."

    Hey, I tried to tidy up the formatting a little over the whole wiki page. I don't really understand this though, what do you mean by "need to branch out more if it gets too extensive"?

    1. For example: We got quite alot of news under Evolution on ICT and Future of ICT

      We might want to branch out in a way like

      Future of ICT 

      1. Collaboration with other countries
      2. Domestic expansion of ICT infrastructure

      This will gives readers more options if they are looking for a specific subject.

  2. Unknown User (u0802110)

    Only the latest 5 Headlines will appear with the BOLD ones being the most recent ...

    This part for recent updates doesn't sound right. Latest 5 headlines refer to the 5 most recent news that we add to the site yeah? Not the 5 most recent ICT development in Taiwan.

    So how does the bold ones come in? There's only 5, how do we bold the most recent? Bold all? Or most recent refers to those in the past 2 weeks in terms of development and not posting?

    Rather confusing. I'm just going to change it to "Here are the 5 headlines that were recently added", or something along this line.

    Also adding 1 more link below to link our readers to the news archives page.

    Will a title of "Latest News Headlines" be more appropriate than "Recent updates"?

    1. ya to make it clearer we will change it  "Latest News Headlines"

      the 5 news that will appear should be the 5 most recently added into our wiki , not according to year published.

  3. Unknown User (u0802110)

    also, our official Taiwan ICT homepage looks very cluttered.

    we're actually using this page for 2 purposes now:
    1. our project objective page
    2. Taiwan ICT wiki site

    We should be separating these 2 areas. I suggest we shift the project related things like "things we want to add" and project description to another page, perhaps a child page in the same level as this Taiwan ICT page. Even the "navigation" section looks rather out of place. You seldom see a navigation section teaching you how to navigate the wiki page. If we need one it probably means our wiki layout isn't intuitive enough.

    This way, our Taiwan ICT page will look more organised with information specifically related to Taiwan's ICT area.

    What do you guys think?

    1. ya this will be a good introduction to our main site, what is going to appear in Taiwan ICT report 1 ?

      1. Unknown User (u0802110)

        the timeline and ppt that was submitted lor.

  4. Unknown User (u0802110)

    hey guys, the links are up (smile)

    The helpfiles for confluence 2.9 proved very useful. here's the one I found in order to get our panel to look the usual wiki way.

     Do add on to the parts here. I will move out the things not found in the content page to a parallel page. The contents for this page will require some personal writings and summarisations. You should also have noticed that each section is actually just representation of our more impactful news. So just read through the news archives for those articles again and come up with an overview of the situation.

     There is no need to paste out the whole article here as this is meant to be a main page providing background knowledge. I've got my languages test these 2 wks before the study break so I can only help out 100% after next thursday. In the meantime, do try to fill up this page to the best of your abilities (smile)

     Thanks guys!