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  • Three projects with Korean participation selected at FP7 ICT Call 1 and 2
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March 20, 2008

The final statistics of the two first FP7 Calls related to the ICT theme (Call 1 deadline: May 8, 2007; Call 2 deadline: Oct. 9, 2007) are now available. A total of 13 participations of Korean organisations in proposals submitted in response to these Calls have been recorded (11 for Call1, 2 for Call2), which, after the proposal evaluation process, became 3 projects (all retained proposals in Call 1). Among these 3 retained projects are: GRIFS (The Global RFID Interoperability Forum for Standards), CASAGRAS (Coordination and Support Action for Global RFID-related Activities and Standardisation), and LarKC (The large Knowledge Collider). Full details on these projects can be found on the Cordis web site.

These results unfortunately show the current low level of participation of Korean organisations in submitted and retained proposals despite the high potential of mutually beneficial S&T cooperation between Europe and Korea.

It is the objective of the actual ongoing ASIACOOP initiative, but also the newly launched COJAK project (fact sheet), representing a follow-up project of the ASIACOOP initiative, to fully contribute to significantly increase the participation of Korean organisation in FP7.


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