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  • Taiwan to develop ICT industries with Thailand for APEC
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Source: Taipei Times
Date published: 06 Jun 2006
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Tuesday, Jun 06, 2006, Page 11
Taiwan is planning to collaborate with Thailand to help Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum member countries develop industries with "local features" based on the framework of an APEC digital opportunity center initiated by Taiwan, Minister of Economic Affairs Morgan Hwang (???) said yesterday.

Based on this framework, Hwang said, an information and product exhibition platform will be established and summit meetings, market-oriented forums and Web site expositions, as well as training seminars, will be held to help create jobs in remote areas and narrow the digital gap as well as the gap between the rich and poor in APEC member countries.

Hwang made the announcement in an address delivered at the 2006 Taipei Summit -- a meeting of high-technology research institutes and businesses from Taiwan and 10 Southeast Asian countries.

Hwang welcomed the delegates to the summit, saying that the two-day meeting will serve as a platform where participants can exchange opinions on the investment environment for the information, communications and technology (ICT) industries, probe new, innovative technologies, and discuss new formulas for cross-border cooperation.

He said it is hoped that via the summit, Taiwan -- the world's No. 1 provider of 10 high-tech products and technologies, including notebook computers, liquid-crystal-display (LCD) monitors, modems and semiconductor OEM production -- and the Southeast Asian countries that have strived to develop ICT industries in the recent decade, will cooperate further to create a mutually beneficial economic and trade environment for all.

Personal Opinion:

Apart from collaboration with Bangladesh, Thailand is also another good and affordable place to invest in. Building a ICT infrastructure in Thailand allows further expansion into the southeast side of Asia. Countries such as Singapore , Malaysia, Indonesia will benefit from faster transport of ICT facilities and Taiwan will be able to assess the ICT needs for countries near Thailand and thus provide better options and support for the industries there.


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