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  • Taiwan is Bedrock of Global ICT Industry
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Source: Taitronics India
Date published: 07 Aug 2008
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Besides holding a huge share of the global market, Taiwan's computer industry is a pioneer in the development and distribution of computer peripherals. Estimates from the Topology Research Institute project total output of Taiwan's top five NB OEM manufacturers (Compal, Quanta, Wistron, Inventec and Pegatron) will exceed 114.08 million pieces, representing 89% of the worldwide NB output quantity.

India is an emerging market with significantly growing domestic demand and middle-class purchasing power. Due to investment in information technology, education market demand, automated operations and other factors, the output quantity of PCs and servers in India is ready to soar. According to information provided by IDC, the output of PCs in India reached 6.5 million pieces in 2007, of which 1.8 million pieces were NBs. This has provided an excellent opportunity for businesses in Taiwan to expand market. Acer, for example, is now the third largest NB supplier with a 10% market share in India. India's enormous market scale indeed has become Acer's indispensable force for the growth.


In addition to computers and peripherals, Taiwan's telecom industry also smashed a number of world records. Taiwan's wireless communication devices chiefly include mobile phones, WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth; while broadband network devices chiefly include access devices (including xDSL CPE, Cable CPE) and switching devices (like Ethernet LAN Switches). In 2007, Taiwan achieved a production value of more than US$22 billion for telecom devices, and it's expecting to create a new record approaching USD30 billion for the year 2008. Taiwan's exuberant telecom businesses and strong manufacturing ability has attracted a great deal of attention in India where there is great domestic demand for telecom devices.
In order to boost collaboration in the communication industry between Taiwan and India, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA) and the Communications & Manufacturing Association of India (CMAI) visited Taiwan in May this year to sign a collaboration agreement with TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council). Earlier on, mobile phone manufacturer HTC and India's largest telecom integrated service provider Reliance Communications formed a strategic alliance to seize the CDMA market in India, creating infinite opportunities for the telecom industry in both countries.
For decades, Taiwan's ICT industry, which is composed of computers and peripherals, has formed the backbone of economic developments in the country and provides the role model for the rest of the world. Through TAITRONICS INDIA, international buyers will be able to discover Taiwan's excellent technologies and R&D capabilities and what's more, the show will be the perfect platform for business players to exchange technologies and share experiences.

Taiwan is Bedrock of Global ICT Industry
accessed at 27 Oct 2008