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  • Taiwan computer engineer loses millions on Internet dating
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Source: Earthtimes
Date published: Friday, 25th July 2008
Editor: DPA

Taipei - A Taiwan computer engineer was swindled out of 13.86 million Taiwan dollars (440,000 US dollars) when he was looking for a date on the internet, Taiwan radio said Friday. The man, only identified by his family name, Huang, was looking for a one-night stand when he came across a girl, Yuan Yuan, who agreed to meet Huang, 38, for a certain charge, the Broadcasting Corp of China reported.

Looking for paid sex on the Internet is common in Taiwan, though illegal. The practice, called either yuan jiao, which means compensated dating, or enjo kosai, which means an exchange of sex for cash or gifts, originated in Japan but is now popular among adolescents in Taiwan.

After Huang had transferred the money to Yuan Yuan's bank account, he received a phone call from a man claiming that Huang had used the wrong procedure to wire the money and caused the bank's computer system to break down. He demanded Huang transmit 2 million Taiwan dollars in damages or he would be killed, the radio report quoted police as saying.

After the transaction, the man called again, accusing Huang of another system collapse, demanding more damages and claiming the bank accounts of several lawmakers had been destroyed and that would delay upcoming elections.

So Huang took out a mortgage on his apartment and transferred more money, only to receive another call, saying he had to pay more damages because he caused another computer breakdown, leading to trouble on the stock markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Wall Street.

Within one month, Huang had wired 13.86 million Taiwan dollars before he reported the fraud to police in Hsinchu City in western Taiwan.

Hsinchu police cracked a four-man fraud ring but have not found Yuan Yuan, who they said probably does not exist.

Taiwan computer engineer loses millions on Internet dating,taiwan-computer-engineer-loses-millions-on-internet-dating.html
accessed on 25 October 2008


  1. Unknown User (u0802110)

    wahahahah this guy is a joke!!!! shows that not only ignorant common citizens can be cheated by simple scams. If I'm the one who hired him as my computer engineer, I will seriously reconsider his knowledge in the IT area.

    1. Unknown User (u0807823)

      Did he get his degree within 3 months? or he got it for free? This guy here is an insult to the profession Computer Engineering. This guy is retarded la HUANG == joker. LOL this article is damn funny!!!   

  2. Seriously, i was like LOLx !!!! when i read this ... if a bank computer system can crashed so easily by just transferring money, it will be utterly ridiculous.

    The man is a joke, the news is a joke, yuan yuan is a joke. I cant believe this things are still happening. Omg!

    1. Unknown User (u0802110)

      And its happening to a professional supposedly well trained in ICT. This is why CS1105 should be a compulsory module to all students.