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This is the home page for the 1105_5B space.

(warning) You don't want to get lost, do u? (grey lightbulb)

 Learn how to >>>> Navigate <<<< with ease.

(warning) I know you are eager to start. (big grin)  

 Get a glimpse of the >>>> Content <<<< we offer.

(warning) I highly recommend that you visit the first 2 parts if you have skipped them.

Now u can start your tour >>>> WIKI Project Main Page <<<<

(thumbs up) And finally, our finished product >>>> Taiwan ICT <<<< pleaseView | pleasePost | pleaseShoot

19th September Tutorial Summary ----> Submitted to Mr Anand

17th October Tutorial Summary ----> Submitted to Mr Anand


  1. I suggest we create 1 page for Navigation description and 1 page for Content description

    what you guys think ?

    and we can have 1 page for Project Timeline too ... who did this the other time ? ken ?

    Under our Taiwan ICT - Main , we will not talk about how to navigate and project description anymore ok ? 

    I created a Content description page , i am not sure what is to be transferred over from the Navigation & Content description page which tak has created.

    1. Unknown User (u0802110)

      i tried putting up the project timeline, but had to download the trial version for microsoft project. got it now, can make it into a jpeg and include as part of our first submission. alternatively u can come up with just a page for the timeline.

  2. Unknown User (u0802110)

    Changed our space name from 1105_5B to CS1105_5B, take note of the change and update your homepage/bookmark accordingly!

  3. Unknown User (u0802110)

    the image v chio! i like!

    1. i failed to make the background transparent coz paint sux lol ...

  4. Unknown User (u0802110)

    hahaha! i think white looks good too!

  5. Unknown User (u0802110)


     i've been playing around with our space's look and feel.

     do you think we should change our theme? i like the feel of the classic theme. we can also change the colours if you guys think it can be more cheerful and brighter~

    1. Unknown User (u0507108)

      ERm.. but classic theme wont have the navigation panel on the left rite?

      1. Unknown User (u0802110)

        nope, the navigation panel is spread out along the top instead.

  6. Unknown User (u0807823)

    lol the new banner john created LOOKS COOOOOOOOOOOOL =)

    1. Unknown User (u0507108)

      new banner uploaded >.<

  7. Unknown User (u0807823)

    banner looks more colourful lol ... NICE ONE lol

  8. Unknown User (u0802110)

    whaahah john you should go work as a designer man! it rocks la

    1. Unknown User (u0507108)

      pwned! >.<