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Taiwan's Profile

Source: MIC/III April 2003[MyCS1105Project:1] .

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Current Status

Source: MIC/III April 2003[MyCS1105Project:2] .

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The Vertical Labor Distribution Logistic System

Source: MIC/III April 2003[MyCS1105Project:3] .

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The transformation of the ICT infrastructure in Taiwan is massive since year 2000. No wonder we have collected quite a number of statistical records that show the evolution of ICT in Taiwan, from broadband to semi-conductors, there are many rooms for improvement and Taiwan has shown that it is possible. Taiwan transform from a core manufacturing country to a robust ICT-enabled one. Before we move further, lets see how ICT transformed Taiwan.

These statistics are sub-divided into 3 sections:

Commercial & Consumers

Manufacturing & Production

Research & Development

See how ICT has helped Taiwan to exceed expectations in terms of communication and empowering organisations. 

See how Taiwan has constantly out-grow themselves to be one of the best manufacturing and production countries in the world.
They have sought to provide affordable and reliable ICT products and solutions globally.

See how Taiwan took the leap into research and development (R&D) sector as ICT industries continue to restructure, empower employees with new skills, and soar to greater heights.

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  2. We got too many statistics liao from 2000 - 2007 ... i seperate them into 3 babies , n this will b the profile page ...

    lets try to have a brief write up on each section ...

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      Hi John,

       What's the source for the 2nd picture with the 106% mobile phone penetration? I'll like to quote the figures on the front page. Do update yeah? Also the first picture has no citations.

       Seems like all are from "Source: MIC/III April 2003"? Are you able to provide the exact link and acknowledge below each picture? Alternatively you may do a reference list at the bottom like the other pages.

        1. Unknown User (u0802110)

          looks good, thanks mate!