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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea and often referred to as Korea is a presidential republic in East Asia, occupying the southern half of the Korean Peninsula.
This page shows the general topics that are featured in this wiki.

Table Of Contents

   ICT Statistics of South Korea

      1. Internet Usage

      2. ICT Statistics of Korea

      3. Mobile Phone Usage

      4. Gender Bias in Internet Usage

      5. Average Internet Usage

      6. General ICT Profile

      7. Games

   ICT Laws & Policies in South Korea

      1. Intellectual Property

      2. Internet Real Name Law

      3. Publication of criticism on Internet concerning public figures does not constitute defamation

      4. South Korea ICT activists launch online guide to human rights in the information society

      5. Computing Programs Protection Act (CPPA)

      6. Online Piracy

      7. Music Industry Promotion Act

      8. Ratification and Implementation of the KORUS FTA

   News related to ICT in South Korea

      1. Korean broadband leads the world.     

      2. ICT cooperation, EU and South Korea

      3. Korea pledges R8m to establish ICT centre in SA


      5. South Korea enforces new law to curb cyber bullying

      6. South Korean Government Takes on 'Infodemics'

      7. Korean firms are exploring the possibility of entering Azeri ICT market

      8. U.S.$38 Million Deal for Fiber Optic Network (an agreement between Rwandan government and Korea Telecom)