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  • Smart ICT solutions to global emissions
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2% of greenhouse gases is emitted by the ICT sector as much as greenhouse gases emitted by the aviation sector. Measures have to be taken to reduce this amount of emission.With the high mortality of ICT, ICT is very receptive to changes and to generate solutions to help solve the problem.

Recently, in "SMART 2020" report released in Mumbai, ways of reducing emisson of greenhouse gased by 15% and saving global energy cost by 500 pounds by 2020 was suggested. The main 4 suggestions were improved logistics,motor system efficiency, efficient power grids and automated building. However, the suggestion most relavent to India is efficient power grids. India has agreed to participate in the Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (APDRP) which aims to reduce transmission losses by 15%. Thus, measures have been consistently derived to minimize energy wastage.

With enhanced monitioring and mangement of the power grids, losses in tranmission and distribution can be reduced by 30%. This sugeestion by The Climate Group was well-receieved by the Ministry of Power. The ministry is also looking into saving energy via the integration of ICT to monitor other applications which emit greenhouse gases.

The Climate Group is an organization set up 5 years ago to encourage and enhance low carbon economy by aiding the various governments to strategize for their policy-making decisions. By developing partnership between influential businesses, governments and individuals and making new energy saving policies, they aim to reduce emission of green house gases.