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Proposed Final Outline for our Wiki
1.    Climate Change(Introduction/Background)
1.1  Definition - changes in weather patterns
1.2  [Causes{*}||1]*
Natural: Gradual natural changes that have allowed plants, animals to adapt and migrate.
Human: Increasing industrialization and human activity (industry, agriculture, transportation) have affected the natural climate balance. This causes phenomenon known as Global Warming
1.3* *Impacts of Climate Change
n  Global warming(Increased Global temperatures at an unprecedented rate)
Water resources
Built environment/Architectures
Business and Finance
2.     ICT as a Solution to Climate Change - reduce greenhouse gases emissions
2.1  Achieving a Green Businesses/Industry through ICT
Remote sensing technology
Monitoring, assessment of air pollution
Forest fire management
Smart Management Systems in buildings
è Case Study: ICT in Beijing Olympics (to achieve a Green Olympics)
2.2  Role of Internet in Promoting Green Awareness
The Internet provides an easy, convenient and seamless way for information to transfer and aids in a faster dissemination of information that reaches a wider audience worldwide.
Government/Official Websites
Non-profit Organisations' Websites
Online Journals/Articles
Online Videos/films/documentaries
2.3  Other Spinoffs from the Advancement in ICT
The advancement in ICT has reduced need for paper/space. That translates to lower amount of energy to process wood pulps to make paper.
Change in Working Styles
 Telecommuting - emails and MSN networking tools make it possible
Change in Lifestyles
Reading news online
Writing diaries online: blogs
Online Shopping
Change in Teaching Styles
Use of smart boards
Online submissions of students' assignments
3.      Pitfalls/Limitations of ICT in Fighting Climate Change
Freedom of Expression
àInflux of sensational articles that debate whether or not Global warming is truly caused by man/human activities. This misleads people to dismiss the fact that human activities are indeed a major factor behind Global warming, thus undermining efforts taken to slow down the process.
ICT as a dilemma
è Use of ICT means the actual usage of electricity/energy to drive the machinery/computer systems.
Inability of ICT to stand as an independent solution
è ICT is not foolhardy. Need to complement with other solutions/measures such as
-         Strong governmental/leader support
-          Research and implementation of other Science and Technology: Geoscience(geothermal energy), innovations etc.
4.     Ongoing Research and Development of ICT in Fighting Climate Change
Conference Talks

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  1. Unknown User (u0807108)

    We need to find concrete examples/cases to support every point, because they must be all facts and no opinions.

    Thus we have to select the information from the websites, rephrase and cite references correctly again, just like when we did the case writeup. Actually, I'm not sure about the citing of references, so just rmb to take down the website URLs.

     If we cannot find examples or information to support any point, then that point has to be removed and replaced. =)

    If you have any other ideas, please post here~!

  2. Unknown User (u0807267)

    Sorry, commented on wrong place...

    Hi all, I think this outline is already closely related with ICT. HuiYee I have changed your references to links. Others can still add something you want. Then I if you all agree, I think I need to reset the pages. (smile)  

  3. Unknown User (u0807267)

    Those blue lines are the topics what to be set as page titles...

  4. Unknown User (u0807247)

    Oh I think it's pretty cool. Btw, we can also add a new page in which we can put up some useful or interesting websites/links, such as some flash games relating to climate change(I did find one and I believe there are more hehe)