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A "wiki" (Hawaiian for "quick") is a multipage Web site that anybody with access privileges can edit, without having to know HTML or use Web-authoring software. All members of a wiki could edit any page, whether or not they themselves had created the page. All edits were recorded, and all versions of each page were archived. This allowed any user to see all changes, and also to restore any previous version of a page. 

How we feel about Wiki as a collaborative tool

Platform: Atlassian Confluence 2.9.1


The Confluence platform becomes a very powerful tool in the hands of a trained user. Our team tries to leverage on as many tools as possible that are provided by Confluence Wiki platform. Here is a list of benefits discovered by our group:

  1. The helpfiles provided were essential to equiping us with the necessary skills and commands to bring out the true potential of this platform. As with other wiki platforms, the ease of accessibility and editing proves to be the greatest asset of this platform.
  2. Ability to correct each other's work but providing statistics, such as total number of edits per users and activity graph.
  3. Ability to track changes and notify individuals through "Bookmarks" or/and RSS feeds
  4. Ability to structure information the way we want it.

Flaw and future improvements

  1. Confluence wiki engine does not support concurrent editing of the software unlike some software such as Google Docs, or zoho. Suppose two users are editing the same page, information are usually overwritten and it is troublesome to track history, look for the changes that are overwritten then combine the changes.
  2. According to Confluence, there is video support. However, NUS seems to have disabled this feature as scripting can introduce virus and other undesired consequences. We have intention to link to youtube and discuss some videos. This idea is scrapped
  3. The editor provided has various limitations (i.e. bugs/loopholes). When changing the editing mode from Rich Text to Wiki Markup, the platform will modify codes by itself. Most of the times it even adds more codes into the original, which distorts the layouts and formatting. This severely hampered our progress when making changes as the look and feel will change once different editors are used. The Wiki Markup is supposed to make the platform more powerful, but sadly, this is the very function that has ruined the usefulness of this platform.
  4. There are maintenance sometimes which resulted in downtime. The maintenance schedule is not reflected in and which results in availability issues.

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  1. Sometimes i have to refresh a lot of times.

    auto-refresh plz ?

  2. Unknown User (u0807322)

    I don't like the part where i have to keep refreshing every few minutes. But luckily it allows resume editing, which is good when i am editing halfway and have not saved.

  3. Unknown User (u0802110)

    This platform is HORRIBLE. I have to click on the list pages - tree view about 5-10 times before it loads a branch. Sometimes the pages will turn out to be a blank white page load when I click on the links. Severely hampering my update progress. I spend an average 3x-4x the amount of time I need to get the same work done just because of this unstable platform.

    Anyone found any solutions to it?

    edit/add: the white screen of death just loaded again while I was trying to post this comment...

    edit 2: so it actually does post my comment, just that the screen goes white. spectacular.

  4. haha ....  rant rant rant ....

    i think this will be the most updated section ... lol

    having same problem as you tak ... 

    1. Unknown User (u0802110)

      it's probably frustrated wiki users that came up with the phrase "patience is a virtue" (big grin)

  5. Unknown User (u0802110)

    hey guys, any idea how to CENTER align texts? I cant seem to even center align my texts in a panel... only works for images..

     tried the help file too, wasnt helpful. even search mainly turn up syntaxes to center align images...

    1. live with it ... lol

      it like a house without a toilet .... 

      Wiki doesnt even allow us to change font size (other than the pre-formatted ones) 

      1. Unknown User (u0802110)

        roar i'm going to faint... everytime i update the main page to check for the look and feel, and to test out the anchors and links... confluence adds codes into my source.

        worse of all, the codes do not display what they are supposed to. the left panel and bottom panel are all in bordered lines, but the taiwan panel is still dotted even though the code reflects otherwise.

         also, i used ^^ to superscript a "" symbol to divert the readers back up to where the anchor was clicked. however, everytime i change from rich text to wiki markup, MY CODES ARE REVERSED. it's changed from "^" to "^^". in the end, it's displayed as "^^" instead of "^^"

        the wiki markup is like a step back in the wiki age...

  6. Unknown User (u0802110)

    remember!!! reference, reference, reference!!! This is wiki! Information is available to all and reliability is very much appreciated!

    Always be as objective as we can be and present the facts to the best of our knowledge. For the requirement of this project we can add in our personal comments and opinions, but do make sure those sections are clearly identified so as not to confuse our readers.