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Welcome! This is the wiki maintained by Team 1D. (big grin)

Our wiki features the development of ICT in China mainly in 3 aspects, namely, economy, entertainment and politics.

Feel free to scroll down to our content outline for an overview of our wiki. Have fun exploring!

Team 1D 

Wint Mon Oo (Mitzi)
He Xi
Zhou Hong
Leung Kai Ho Becky
Rong Juancheng


Project Description

We would like to draw attention towards our project title: New Game of China - ICT. We interpret the word 'Game' as a challenge, in which the outcome could be either successful or disappointing. Hence, the aim of our project is to draw attention to how China faces the challenges imposed by ICT; how the country retains her competitive edge in this technological era by using ICT itself, a novel yet increasingly popular tool, to her benefit in terms of economic gains, recreational well-being and so on.

Project Objectives

  • Conduct research on the strategies implemented by China to face the challenge in adapting to and manipulating ICT into a highly useful tool for her benefits in principally 3 aspects, namely, economy, politics and entertainment.
  • Record informative, accurate as well as up-to-date happenings pertaining to each aspect, i.e. explore the outcome of China's game of ICT.


1. Background Information of ICT in China

2. Development of ICT in China

    2.1 Economy

          2.1.1 News

                   (star)  2008

                       The Third "China-ASEAN ICT Week" in 2008

                       Energy Monitor Centre with ICT

                       China's Alibaba says Q3 net profit jumps 49 pct

                       Microsoft plans to invest one billion dollars in China R

          2.1.2 Statistics

                       Contribution of ICT Market to the National Economy

                       Growth of ICT Products

                       Labour Market Effect of ICT

                       The Growth Rate of Income

          2.1.3 Policies

                       National ICT Policies

                       Golden Projects

                       IT Financing

                       Promoting Informatisation of the National Economy

     2.2 Entertainment

           2.2.1 News

                   (star)  2008                      

                      Search...and shop at Baidu!

                      World class art performances just a click away

                      Online shopping haven gets new investment

                      Create email Chinese

                      Gaming on Kaixin makes Chinese kai xin (happy)

                      Know your way at the Olympics with this online map

                  (star)  2007

                      Launch of mobile phone newspaper

                  (star)  2004

                      Who will offer wireless audio coverage of the Athens Games?

           2.2.2 Statistics

                      Online shopping businesses promote employment

                      Internet is a virtual playground for many Chinese teens

                      Media trends in China

                      Online games boost China's economy

                      China Statistical Survey Report on Popular Internet Issues, 2004

           2.2.3 Policies

                      Regulations on the Administration of Internet-Based Video-Audio Program Services

                      Establishment of Advanced Internet Culture

                      Circular concerning online sale of lotteries

                      Circular concerning Internet gambling

    2.3 Politics

          2.3.1 News

                  (star)  2008

                      A Grand Summit Opened Today

                      Chinese e-government Is Blooming

                      The Chinese Government Blocked Information About The Tibet Riot

                 (star)  2006

                       Chinese Golden Shield Project in Action

                       Google Launched Its Self-Censored

                       Seminar on ICT in Education Policy for China

                 (star)  2003

                       Yahoo Help The Chinese Government Arrest a Journalist

          2.3.2 Statistics

                       China's ICT Evolution

                       China's E-government

          2.3.3 Policies

                       China's Policies on Changing Telecom Regulatory and Market Environment      

                       Priorities of the Chinese Government and Trends in the Policy Making Process                

                       China's Internet Policies

                       National IT Strategy 2006-2020

3. Case Studies

    3.1 Case Study 1  Hong Kong - Internet Broadband as a Commodity

    3.2 Case Study 2  China's Phone Access in Every Village Project

    3.3 Case Study 3  China International ICT Innovation Cluster (CIIIC)

4. Conclusion