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  • Microsoft and HP to set up Taiwan technology centre
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Source: Reuters
Date published: 21 Mar 2008
Reporter: Sheena Lee
Editor: Ken Wills

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, the world's top software and PC firms, on Thursday announced plans for a new technology centre in Taiwan, the world's computer-manufacturing hub.

Companies such as HP and Dell are the world's top sellers of PCs, but most of the actual hardware -- about 80 percent of all laptops -- is made by Taiwan firms including Quanta Computer and Compal Electronic.

"Microsoft and HP solution centers will help advance the technology of our Taiwanese business partners and corporate clients," John Knutsen, Director of Global Microsoft Technology Center, said at a news conference.

Microsoft said the centre would be focused on investing in advanced software, hardware and improving technical support to its Taiwan partners.

The two companies said they expect the new centre will be able to generate a return of T$2.5 billion ($83 million) worth of sales in five years.

There are now 16 Microsoft technology centers in the world, including in Dubai, France, Germany, Britain, Bangalore and the United States, said Knutsen.

Software giant Microsoft said earlier this month that it had not seen any major impact on its businesses from an economic slowdown, particularly in the United States, and that it has been helped by emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Russia.

Hewlett-Packard posted forecast-beating quarterly earnings last month and has said its strategies in emerging markets will help it weather a tough economic climate this year.

It's really amazing that almost 80% of the world's laptops hardware are manufactured in Taiwan. This goes to show how a strong ICT background can aid a country's development. MNCs are willing to fork out large amount of money to build infrastructure in Taiwan simply because Taiwan is a highly specialised country to meet the demands of these ICT companies. In these times of financial uncertainty, investments like this certainly helps in boosting a nation's economy.

Microsoft and HP to set up Taiwan technology center
assessed on 02 Nov 2008.

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  1. Admist economic crisis, many companies are choosing Taiwan to invest in. Looks like Taiwan is a hidden gem.