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  • Korea-EU Cooperation ICT Seminar in Daejeon
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June 19, 2008

The 1st Korea-EU Cooperation ICT workshop organised in the framework of the COJAK project has been kindly hosted today, under the form of a working lunch, by the Institute for Information Technology Advancement (IITA) in Daejeon. For the sake of efficiency, only 25 delegates had been invited to participate in this workshop, all with some good experience of EU-Korea cooperation on ICT research, in particular through FP6-FP7 projects, representing Korean organisations (industries and academies) and European ones (based in Europe or in Korea).

The following issues were discussed during this workshop:

• the ways to improve the EU-Korea cooperation framework so that projects can develop more smoothly and in greatest numbers,
• the solutions to make the FP7 processes even more understandable to the Korean side,
• the means to more efficiently connect Korean organisations to the European ones,
• IPR issues, reciprocity aspects (access of European organisations to Korean programmes), the role of NCPs, funding issues, etc.

Concerning the 2nd edition of the EU-Korea Cooperation Forum on ICT (building on the results of the one of June 16-17 in Seoul), both sides have recommended it could take place in Brussels before the launch of Call 4, possibly just before (or after) the ICT event in Lyon, so that Korean delegates can make the most of their trip to Europe.
This workshop was combined with Technical Visits to leading Korean research institutes in Daejeon: IITA, KAIST and ETRI.

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