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Grading Criteria

  1. Coverage
  2. Correctness
  3. Connectivity
  4. Language
  5. Attainment of Objective
  6. Collaboration and Integration
  7. Organisation and Visual Appeal

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1st assessment




2nd assessment




Final assessment



Intelligent talk was a project done by group 13B of module CS1105 in National University of Singapore (NUS). For this project, group 13B perceives 'Intelligent Talk' as an exchange of ideas and sharing of information that are related to ICT. Furthermore, the group used the NUS Wiki as a centralised system to store these ideas and information and to keep them constantly updated so as to keep up with the rapid changing trends in the ICT society.

Group 13B aims to engage in an intellectual discussion in relation to ICT and the society in the wiki which is done by presenting information and relevant quotes from famous people that are heavily involved in the ICT world.

For the structure, the group decided to classify the content into six specific areas. Firstly, a brief introduction on social networkswould be provided such as what they are and what are some of the features that offered. Next, more in-depth into popular social networks like Friendster, Facebook, and MySpace are covered and the pros and cons of the social networks are analyzied, as well as the impact of the social networks on the society.  The possible future of social networking was also listed and discussed.

In conclusion, group 13B has an aim of making the Wiki site informative and interesting, and at the same time, give the readers some food for thought about the implications of ICT, more specifically social networks, to the society.

Intelligent Talk Transition

The Initial project outline of group 13B on Intelligent was actually planned to include a wider range of topics such as information on 'IT Developers (Microsoft, Google,Dell) and Communication Systems(Instand Messengers, mobile phones, VoIP) as seen in the flowchart below:


However, group 13B decided to focus on depth rather than breadth to provide the users of these webs with more knowledge on a specific area of IT, as seen in the table on the left. 

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  1. Unknown User (u0802630)

    I'm totally for it :)However i feel that we should at least search online for a rough idea of what topics can be found without too much hassle so that we wouldnt meet with the unlucky event of having to change the topic due to lack of quotes? In addition, it might be good to remember all the websites throughout this proj so that we can list it down in references and avoid plagarising? (smile)

  2. Unknown User (u0807039)

    Well, it's a nice start! I agree with it. The problem now is... I'm still do not have any idea how our wiki will be made. Furthermore, I do not familiar with our topic "Intelligent Talk". It will be great if one of you made a page which briefly describe about this topic. Hopefully, later, I can start contributing some ideas.

  3. Unknown User (u0807168)

    I am totally supportive of the Roles suggestion. To get the ball rolling, I volunteer for the designing part as soon as we finalize on a specific topic.

     By the way, I created a page to hold all the information for 2000 word report (sad) . Already added a link inside for all your consumption.

    Cheers =D

  4. Unknown User (u0807039)

    Hi, guys! I think we should start filling up our wikis. I tried to make some parent pages. To tell the truth, I am not very sure I am doing it right. (sad)

    Please give some feedback and polish it! I will keep on adding the contents. (smile)

  5. Unknown User (u0802630)

    Hey peeps, i received this guideline from another course of mine and i think that it generally applies because it is on plagiarism and stuff like that.......

  6. Unknown User (u0805020)

    Hmm, I have read the part about the plagiarism and citing from Wikipedia. My personal view is that Wikipedia, like any other site, is okay for reference and information. As long as we treat it like any normal site, instead of using it as a 'encyclopedia', then it's more or less okay.