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  • IDF Taiwan - Asustek chairman conservative about MID potential
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Reporter: Monica Chen
Editor: Joseph Tsai
Date published: 21 Oct 2008 

News Article:
Following the release of more details of Intel's second generation Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform, Moorestown, Asustek Computer chairman, Jonney Shih, commented that the MID market is still warming up and future growth will depend on the price, design, software support and the standardization of WiMAX technology.
Currently, Asustek is conservative about the growth potential of MIDs. However, the company is already prepared and can launch MID products to meet market demand when the time is right, according to Shih.

Moorestown comprises of an SoC, codenamed "Lincroft," which integrates a 45nm processor, graphics, memory controller and video encode/decode capabilities onto a single chip, and an I/O hub codenamed "Langwell", which supports a range of I/O ports to connect with wireless, storage, and display components in addition to incorporating several board level functions.

The Moorestown platforms will support wireless technologies including WiMAX, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile TV.

IDF Taiwan - Asustek chairman conservative about MID potential -
Accessed on 22 October 2008

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