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  • ICT in Rural Areas
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India' growth is highly dependent on the development of ICT. It has achieved creating awareness and imparted IT skills in the layman. The next step it has to take is to integrate ICT in all regions of the country especially rural areas which lacks accessibility.

There is an increasing need in integrating ICT into different sectors of country such as the governance, education system, healthcare and security. And one of the way to achieve this is by introducing ICT to the rural areas where the masses are. Not much have been done to create awareness about ICT in these rural areas and efforts have to be taken to cope with this digital divide. If the situation prolongs, more people will be trapped in the poverty cycle.  Besides, improving the economy in the rural areas, ICT also helps to improve the lifestyle of the masses as mentioned by Sanjiv Puri, managing director, ITC Infotech Ltd. Thus, political will and mentality of the masses have to change in order to embrace the growing ICT. Only then can the development of the IT sector in the rural areas can be sustained.

Incentives have been given to IT companies to set up in rural areas such as cost reduction by 30 -35% and tax reduction. These incentives serve to boost the ICT sector in the regions with the influx of ICT companies setting their companies in the rural. Besides, creating employment for the rural mass, the people are also instilled with lifelong skills, which they can use when they enter the workforce in the urban regions.