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Team 8B - ICT in China


Many people have the perception that China is still a developing country. They believe that Information Communication Technology (ICT) in China is incomparable to the standards of many other developed nations like the United States of America. However, from time to time, China managed to prove the misconception among most people as ICT has been improving at an alarming rate in the country such that its standards are almost on par with the developed nations. ICT is now utilized in the lives of almost every Chinese in China, whether it is used for work or for academic purposes. In the recent years, China was actively engaged in high technological activities, such as the launching of their manned spaceflights. This extraordinary feat made China the third country in the world to have launched humans into space successfully, ranked after developed countries like the United States of America and Russia. The recently concluded 2008 Beijing Olympics is another testimony towards China's achievements in the technological aspect as it was described by many across the globe to be the best Olympic Games ever. From this, it can be clearly discerned that China deserves to be dubbed as the up and coming superpower. Thus, the issue of ICT in China can never be disregarded.


We hope that readers of our wiki project will be able to acquire knowledge and understanding of the various industries, which fully utilize advancing ICT in China, especially in today's context. We analyse and provide information with regards to ICT in China from several different aspects, like ICT policies, entertainment and China's major achievements in ICT.

Group Members


Matric No.

Christine Chew Jiayu


Pu Yiming


Sim Mei Xin Shirlynn


Zhakelov Shyngys


Zhang Xialin



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