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  • ICT for a Better Education - the Ministerial Seminar on ICT in Education with Taiwan Experiences
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Source: Ministry of Education
Date published: 16 - 18 Nov 2007
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 The "ICT for a Better Education - the Ministerial Seminar on ICT in Education with Taiwan Experiences" organized by the Ministry of Education has officially and successfully closed. The Ministry of Education's first international ICT in Education seminar's 15 country representatives from the United Arab Emirates, Swaziland, Gambia, Malawi, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Palau, Kiribati, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and Taiwan have reached consensus. After three days of intensive discussions and opportunities to visit Taiwan's science and technology sites, representatives have stated their agreement that bridging the digital divide is a commonly shared challenge of the 21st century and that this challenge requires cooperation and collaboration among all members of the international community. Education Minister Tu Cheng-sheng stated that this consensus has established a successful model and platform for international cooperation utilizing educational pathways that go well beyond the borders of diplomatic restrictions. Taiwan is willing and able to provide international assistance, based on its own successful experiences of integrating ICT into Taiwan education. Key Seminar Discussion topics focused on how Taiwan can provide assistance through:

  1. ICT training programs for Officials and Seed/master teachers,
  2. The ICT student country-to-country visits
  3. The ICT Volunteer Service,
  4. The Industry and Academia Cooperation Program Minister Tu stated that international feedback has been favorable to the Seminar, especially with regards to recognition of individual country needs and how Taiwan can assist in upgrading their ICT capabilities. On-site visits to Taiwan's science and technology sites included: primary school IT education, the Digital Opportunity Center, ASUS Company Inc., the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the 2007 World Robot Olympiad; and direct feedback from Volunteer and Scholarship Recipients. Minister Tu also commented that in the future, the ICT Volunteer Program will be increasing its efforts, in cooperation with ICDF, to send more volunteers to train teachers or to assist in setting up Opportunity Centers. Deputy Minister of Vietnam announced that they will send more students to Taiwan for educational training in IT. Therefore, future scholarships will be available for students who want to come to Taiwan to pursue their studies in IT education. The United Kingdom and British Council representative expressed admiration of the Ministry of Education's success in bringing together Ministers and Diplomatic representatives from 15 countries to address practical solutions to the challenges associated with narrowing the digital divide. Participants applauded the strong show of national support by the President and Premier of Taiwan, indicating that such interest has earned the respect of the international community, especially with regards to future opportunities of cooperation. Using the Ministerial Seminar on ICT in Education with Taiwan Experiences as a platform, seminar members have expressed commitment to their mission to earnestly work towards narrowing the digital divide among their countries, deeming the Taiwan ICT for a Better Education Experience a valuable success story.  

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accessed on 8 Oct 2008

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  1. Kudos to Taiwan for taking the first step to bridging the digital divide !