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Topic Introduction

For this CS1105 final project, we choose "ICT and Singapore's Education System" as our topic. We work on this topic because this topic is relevant to our daily university life. As we know, nowadays technology is rapidly improved and implemented in almost every aspect of our life, including in education part. Many schools and universities, especially in Singapore, use ICT tools to enhance their learning and teaching system. As a result, the education systems in these schools are also affected. In this wiki, we want to provide readers about the various kind of ICT tools and how those ICT tools impact the Singapore's education system.

Brief Description of Sections

  1. History of ICT - The general background of ICT from the beginning of computers to the advance technologies we have now.
  2. Singapore's ICT and its development - The background of Singapore's ICT.
  3. Singapore's education with ICT - The evolution of Singapore's education system with ICT and the benefits and pitfalls of ICT.
  4. IT Tools - The advantages and disadvantages of such tools in education.
  5. Case Studies - Productivity of institutions using IT.
  6. Survey on ICT - The populaces' views of ICT in institutions.
  7. Critical Success Factors of ICT in Education - events that occur for ICT in Education to gain success or failure.
  8. News and Future Developments in ICT in education - Developments in ICT that affects education


Team : 4C

Team Members:

  • Kang Hwee
  • Angela Ang Li Xiang
  • Hans Ferdian Canggadibrata
  • Jocelyn Koh Hui Qi
  • Phyllis Lim Yan Jing
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