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Digital Radio

Till 2007, all India Radio Stations satellite radio channel had become active.
Satellite radio is one of the best growing entertainment services in the world and it is making its presence felt in a small but an optimistic way in India. It is mainly a digital unit that receives signals broadcast by communications satellite. This allows a person to follow his favourite stations anywhere in the country unlike the terrestrial radio (AM and FM) whose signals are limited to a certain area depending on the power of the station. The advantages of a satellite radio are digital quality sound and there are no commercials. But it is not a complimentary service, subscription fee is required. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. Those who are listeners of a satellite radio cannot get local stations. In other words, people living in Delhi can tune in to set channels of their choice on the receiver, but cannot listen to a local station. Although satellite radio is popular in malls and some petrol stations, the concept is yet to catch the fancy of individual households. There are still a range of problems that are needed to be resolved.

Different Modes of Communication in India
There are various modes of Communication in India which makes it very easy to communicate with people in and outside of India. The various modes of communication are: -
1)      Public Phone Booths - This is one of the major modes of communication. These public phone booths are also commonly known as PCO's. These public booths provide all types of calls facilities such as providing the facility or making local, STD as well as ISD calls. Most importantly, it is available in every nook and corner.
2)      Mobile Phones - Nowadays this has become the most favorite mode of communication. The major feature of this mode of communication is that it gives all types of facilities in your hand and also it is mobile. You won't have to confine yourself as wherever you go you are connected. India's mobile service is full fledged.
3)      Cyber Cafes - Another major mode of communication in India are these cyber cafes. These cafes provide Internet facility so that the users can access anything anywhere in this world.
4)      Postal Service - The oldest and the most reliable of all the services is the postal service. The postal service provided by India is very good. It provides various services like registered post, speed-post, parcels etc.

Digital TV in India

Dish TV is India's first direct to home entertainment service that has digitalized Indian entertainment in bringing the best television viewing through the latest in digital technology. It broadcasts high quality programs directly from the satellite to your home, but also gives you absolute and complete control of the contents.

With Dish TV, you can give a free rein to the true potential of your high-end television set and complete your TV viewing experience with true DVD quality. Dish TV is the only TV service that lets the users experience true stereophonic sound effects. It will be a fantastic service for users that are connoisseurs of good sound.

To improve on their customer quantity and services, Dish TV added Sony package to their services around mid of 2006 and also increase their subscription price too. On 14 July 2006, the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal gave a favorable judgment for Dish TV by ordering STAR TV to allow Dish TV to broadcast all the channels in its boutique at 50% cost within 15 days of the decision. Dish TV started test signals for the star bouquet till 18 Aug and started to broadcast as pay channels in Dish TV services.

Dish TV presently have more than 165 TV channels and 35 audio channels after adding Sony and star bouquet.

The advantage of signals transmitted through digital TV over through cables is that   digital TV can transmit anywhere, delivering more channels and better picture quality by relying on signals transmitted from a satellite to a receiving dish and then to a set-top signal-decoding box.

"Digital TV is going to change the dynamics of the Indian TV marketplace," says Vivek Couto of Media Partners Asia, a consultancy in Hong Kong, who sees a looming commercial battle between digital and cable companies.
Mr. Couto expects paying subscribers of the Digital TV(Dish TV) to increase throughout the next few years as there is a pent-up demand for such service. Although the number is growing, there are still half of the Indian households without a television set and some cannot receive satellite channels via cables.

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