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New Delhi, Nov.4 (ANI): Union Minister of State for Science and Technology and Ocean Development Kapil Sibal believes India needs revolution in ICT development.

Speaking at the 55th Convocation Day of the Institution of Electronics and
Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) here over the weekend, Sibal believes that ICT should be developed and used as a tool for the economy by the government.

"The real ICT revolution will come in this country when you start talking about content and who is working on that content. Where is the investment in that content? And that''s why I think, unless we decide at political level that if we want to take this country forward, ICT is the vehicle," said Sibal.

India just like many Asian countries hold a standing for being Information Communication and Technology (ICT) powerhouses. However, many of these countries still struggle to bridge the digital divide with their countries..

Experts of the IT industry say that many countries in Asia need to speed up plans to develop high-speed broadband Internet access, including making investment opportunities available, to be on the same level with the developed countries in the global ICT revolution.

ICT includes a whole range of technologies that are used for the information and communicating. It has grown to be one of the most vigorous industries in the world.

In taking steps towards the ICT revolution, India has proposed joint investments with Bangladesh in the ICT sector to reduce the bilateral trade gap. (ANI)