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iPod Clones - Who is at fault?

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When it comes to buying "clones", who is to blame?

In Taiwan, an original iPod Nano costs around 5,800 new Taiwanese dollars (about US$180) while a copied version sells for less than a quarter of the price. However, the USB connection for the clone is a more convenient version than the proprietary Apple connector that is used in the original.

Industry leaders have a tendency to blame consumers for any decline in sales, ranging from calling them pirates to fault them for the near collapse of the music industry (which never seems to come). One important question we should consider is whether these buyers of clones and pirated products would have spent the money to get the original version anyway. To some consumers, a mp3 player is just a mp3 player. So long it does its function well, has a decent battery life and is user friendly, there will naturally be buyers. In this case, should companies be placing the blame on themselves for coming up with a product that leaves something to be desired?

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