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  • History of China's ICT development
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For a large part of her history, China has been labeled as a developing country with limited use of ICT. This could be attributable to the lack of education amongst relatively impoverished provinces with lessr financial power, language barriers (English used to be main language written and seen over the Internet URLs), inadequate knowledge, technologies and specialised labour in that particular field. As the level of a nation's development is partly dependent of the smooth exchange of information and communication worldwide, China's development was affected by this limited and obselete ICT applications. Her people were generally more focused on basic priorities such as food, water shelter etc. They could not afford high-cost ICT applications. Also, with no knowledge of what ICT is all about, they felt insecure and were skeptical towards using ICT for they fear its unpredictable outcomes. As such, they shunned away from it. These, in combination caused China's ICT development suffered as a whole.

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