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With the use of Information Communication Technology for enforcement of information in the security sector, the Police in Delhi is able to cater to different needs of the mass at a faster rate. 

The police department has been having difficulty in handling the numerous calls especially on festive days. It was a hassle handling calls and the complains registered in the phone at the same time. Thus, a solution was needed urgently to pump up the efficiency of the system. And the solution implemented recently after much research was Dial 100.
The Dial 100 solution consisting of Calling Line Identification (CLI) and Direct Inward Dialing (DID) installed in the police control rooms and PCR vehicles has several advantages. Besides enabling, conferencing services with other emergency services, it helps to disseminate information round-the- clock and provide immediate responses to calls. It also aids in decreasing the number of coax calls which helps to increase the efficiency of the services. With the wide network database, Dial 100 also helps to locate missing vehicles and people at a faster rate.
This solution was well-received in Delhi that it was recommended to the other Police departments around the different stats in India. Currentlt, more than 20 cities have installed this system to ensure better services from the Police Department.


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