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Speed is just as crucial as innovation for companies and countries to thrive in our fast paced world. Even the best products today may become outdated and irrelevant in a few short years or sometimes months. In line with this philosophy, Taiwan evolved along with the changing demands of our world. Starting out as a small outsourced manufacturer for large ICT companies in the US, Taiwan is now a world leader in ICT innovation.

Taiwan enjoys the honour of having the world's first wireless city and being the world's largest ICT products manufacturer. Recently, Taiwan has taken their efforts to a whole new level.

After having successfully completed of its 2007 Broadband Access to Every Village project, the National Communications Commission (NCC) aims to extend the construction of the broadband network infrastructure to further remote areas in 2008 as part of their plan to bringing ICT to everyone in Taiwan. These villages either had absolutely no Internet service or had only low-speed Internet connections. The NCC has appointed three companies to offer universal data services for broadband access to 50 mountain villages in 12 different counties[MyCS1105Project:1] .

According to NCC, Taiwan will be the first nation in the world where broadband service coverage reaches 100 percent of its territory[MyCS1105Project:2] . In addition to making ICT accessible, the Taiwan government has also been urged by county chiefs to offer more opportunities for residents from the remotes villages to learn how to use a computer[MyCS1105Project:3] . The digital divide will only be narrowed when both the factors of accessibility and skills have been sufficiently addressed.

The latest hit in the IT world is the mini-notebooks, also known as netbooks or sub-notebooks. Asus, one of the leading Taiwan IT companies, is the first company to create this whole new market. The resilience of Taiwanese is very admirable.

Taiwan has once again proven itself as a world pioneer in the ICT world. The advance of ICT seems inevitable and it is only a matter of time before the most remote parts of Taiwan are conquered by ICT.


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