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As stated by Meraka Institute and SAP Research Unit for Technology Development (UTD) , the utmost the concern for India's government is to increase the pool of ICT trained professionals. With the attention of the India's government shifting to an ICT economy, Ministry of Education is developing ICT education in schools from tertiary levels. ICT is being as a self-development tool when the students enter the workforce.
 A research was conducted by to educate teachers using mobile technology. Though research is being conducted on the results of the project. Initial report of the results s how that the teachers have benefited from the technology. More of such projects have been conducted to integrate ICT into small businesses.
Moreover, Small businesses have to understand the importance of integrating technology to sustain their businesses. They have to realize that investment in infrastructure alone will not help to develop their business in the long run. Thus, to address the need of these small businesses, new softwares have been created. It is in the hands of the owners of the small businesses to tap on these softwares to further develop their businesses and contribute to the country's economy.

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