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e- INDIA 2008: India's  largest ICT  programme

Since the Green Revolution, India has been growing steadily in terms of agricultural productivity and growth. Modern farming practices and inclusive technologies have been implemented in many parts of rural India to foster rural growth. Wireless communication networks and GIS-based agro-software technology are reaching rural India giving them access to vital and updated information on weather, farming technologies, fertilizers, livestocks, commodity prices and stock markets.

Despite the usage of advanced ICT tools in many parts of rural India, there are several villages where advanced farming technologies, and interactive communications networks haven't reached yet. Access to these technologies will help secure livelihood of many farmers and consequently build a stronger nation and economy.

Building up on the achievements of the first eAgriculture conference, eAgriculture India 2008 proposes to take forward the momentum created last year. eAgriculture India 2008 will reinitiate a knowledge revolution in Indian agriculture and agronomy by deliberating on the unsolved issues and by exploring ways through which current practices can be made more efficient.

The e-Agriculture track of eINDIA2008 is a programme that is designed to:

  • initiate inter-sectoral linkages
  • bring development professionals, policy decision-makers, community stakeholders, entrepreneurs and financing professionals on the same dais.
  • provide more vistas of opportunity for partnership building, development reorganisation and capacity enhancement for the rural stakeholders.
  • facilitate progressive decision-making, information sharing and performance improvement.
  • aid the process of identification and vertical integration of diverse ICT tools that are employed in present day agricultural practices.

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