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1. Prologue

Digital piracy, like other forms of piracy, involves the violation of copyright laws. Piracy quintessentially refers to the unauthorized use of material in whatever form. Digital piracy focuses on electronic and audio-visual media. As long as it entails illicit reproduction and distribution, it can be classified as such. Very briefly, the term 'piracy' can be described as the act of copyright infringement, and most courts of law view this as a sinister activity bound by certain regulations and punishments.

Here, information is categorised into separate sections for ease of viewership and will deal with issues pertaining to the definition of digital piracy, how it came about, common methods used, laws, and case studies. Statistics and analysis is also included to give an idea of the current situation with regards to digital piracy around the world. Lastly, there will be a section on views garnered from various sources about the topic of piracy in general.


1. Prologue

2. Digital Piracy

    2.1. Streaming Methods

    2.2. Downloading / uploading Methods

3. Copyright Law in Singapore

    3.1. "Hard" Approaches (Prevention Methods)

    3.2. "Soft" Approaches (Promotion Methods)

4. Case Studies of Digital Piracy

    4.1. Music Industry

         4.1.1. Napster

         What is MP3?

         What is Napster?

         How does Napster work?

         Napster Lawsuit

         Napster's Impact on Music Industry

         4.1.2. iTunes & iPod

         What is iTunes?

         What is iPod?

         Popularity of iTunes and iPod

         The Impact on Music Industry

   4.2. Motion Picture Industry

         4.2.1. ODEX

         What is anime?

         What is ODEX?

         The Controversy

        4.2.2. YouTube


         Copyright "Crisis"

         Dealing with Copyright Issues

5. Current Information on Digital Piracy

   5.1. Introduction

   5.2. Study Highlights

   5.3. Press Release

6. Opinions on Digital Piracy

   6.1. Anti-Piracy

   6.2. Pro-Piracy

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  1. Unknown User (u0806970)

    okay hi all, here are some questions we might wanna address during tmr's meeting.

    ~ definition of piracy.
    - it may be a common concept, but for formality's sake, let's just think about it (:

    ~ piracy laws in singapore
    - just to get some grounding..

    ~ soft approaches to combat internet piracy
    - for example, campaigns, education, outreach programs..

    ~ statistics
    - it's mentioned in e article provided by nazrul that statistics regarding the actual amount of revenue loss varies from report to report, so let's give some examples!

    ~ views of the masses regarding internet piracy
    - we can look for articles, or better yet, let's carry out surveys!

    ~ what those affected are doing
    - eg celeb filing lawsuits, etc

    ~ societal impact & moral implications of internet piracy
    - if everyone does it, what harm can i get into if i do it too?
    - mummy does it, daddy does it, so it can't be wrong..

    ~ political impact?
    - china getting e rap frm e US? i read abt it in one of my history lessons; i could look it up.

    that's all for now(:

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    here's a great link for our project. it's about Business Software Alliance (BSA) and their role and efforts in promoting a safe and legal digital world. knock yourselves out(:
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    Guys, I need you all to create the separate pages so that I can go ahead with the hyperlinking and such. Do it pronto.

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    5. Current information in Digital Piracy

       5.1. Statistics

       5.2. Statistical analysis

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