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We envisioned our wiki site to be a comprehensive one-stop venue for visitors to find out more about the latest development in Taiwan's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector as well as the background of Taiwan's ICT scene.

Our motivation for this project: 

  1. To provide a chronological order of ICT events in Taiwan.
  2. To examine how ICT in Taiwan has evolved throughout the years.
  3. To give a clearer picture of the path Taiwan is taking in improving its ICT infrastructure in years to come.
  4. Better appreciate CS1105 context.


Our website is divided into the 3 main areas as follows:


This section is a compilation of all the news articles that we find interesting and informative. We have divided the news into the year published and presented in an archive format.


A picture paints a thousand words. This is a section that is filled with many charts and figures. We strive to present figures in an objective manner so as not to mislead our readers.

Evolution of ICT

We start off this section with a brief introduction of the rise of ICT in Taiwan. We will also explore the rapid rise in ICT usage in Taiwanand how this led to abuses and failures of ICT.


Our group has debated repeatedly over the issue of including Taiwan ICT policies and laws. While we all agree that Taiwan always have very interesting political developments, it is challenging for us to cover such a vast amount of content in a presentable manner within a limited time frame.

We eventually reached a conclusion to split up the policies and laws into articles rather than just a branch by itself. Even though we do not specifically have a policies and laws branch for our wiki page, many of the changes in laws are reflected in our news archives. Some of our charts also show the impact of policy changes, for example anti-piracy crackdowns and initiatives to raise IT-literacy.


We are on track with the timeline submitted during our first project assessment. In fact, we have exceeded our expectation for content delivery and uploading. However, more work must be done to ensure a coherent posting format. Also, we are working towards a neater introduction page that briefly covers all the focus of our wiki page.

So far we have met up 3 times to review on our plan. The discussion sessions were fruitful and proved useful in driving the project. Thanks to the accessibility of the wiki platform, we plan to concentrate our efforts in maintaining the website through our personal capacity. The next meeting has not been scheduled, but the date is set tentatively in week 11 of our academic calendar.

Through instant messaging and email, we are also able to effectively communicate with one another without having to meet up.

For more information: Project Timeline


Initially we thought that the wiki platform will be a good learning experience as most of us are frequent users of the one of the world's largest online encyclopedia WIKIPEDIA. However, the platform we are currently using is different from the one that is used by WIKIPEDIA.

Lack of multimedia support

Our original plan was to make our wiki site more engaging and interactive by embedding audio clips and video files. These files can be hosted on other websites such as YOUTUBE. This feature is especially useful in featuring our news articles as we will be able to offer users different perspective through another media.

We addressed this issue by making use of pictures and photos. In addition, we use charts and figures to present the statistics. By placing these at appropriate locations, we have created a more lively environment without compromising the informative aspect of our wiki site.

Concurrent editing of pages

This function is available in applications such as Google Docs and zoho. While the chances of many users editing the same page is slim in our context because we only have a handful of people that have editing rights, it will nonetheless be a useful feature to have, especially during group discussions and uploading.

We overcome this limitation by engaging in proper planning and distribution of tasks before embarking on any major revamps to our wiki site.

For more information: Our reflections and feedback

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