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Reviewing China's ICT Landscape

China has made notable progress in her development of her ICT industry with the hope of catalysing a quicker materialisation of improved economy and her eventual becoming of an ICT Superpower, achieving status equivalent to the US. The sucess of her efforts, however, remain questionable. This is possibly due to two main reasons. The first being the government's control over the ICT industry. This has somewhat resulted in decreased success in business plans and also discounted countries outside China on information of what really happens in China, take for example the censorship put in place during the Beijing Olympics and the recent melamine scandal. The second reason is possibly due to the general population of China, the inconsiderateness of some of its users have posed security threats to other countries and also distributors of original material or work, since cases of hacking and piracy rates have been and continues to be high in China. In short, China posses the tools and has the potential to continue to develop advanced ones to keep up with superpowers like the US and make itself a global hub or leader in the ICT sector but for them to be effective in shaping her economy and realising her vision, other factors such as government control and the mindset and culture accustomed to her people, must be adjusted.

  • The ICT industry is typically broken into five broad sectors: telecommunications, services, semiconductors, software and hardware. Whether or not China's dreams of becoming a 'superpower' in the global information and communications's technology (ICT) industry by 2010 depends, to a considerable extent, on the level of government involvement in the economy and the innovation. The  first "Global ICT Superpower" scenario assumes a marked degree of government involvement and strong ICT innovation... (Read more)
  • Education, technological institutions, researchers, and government authorities are seen as the driving forces in moulding and regulating the policies of China's ICT industry and also to make up an ICT compatible labour force to fulfil nation's demands... (Read more)
  • China is an emerging market with the highest growth for business process and IT services. Chinese providers need to implement a number of critical requirements to effectively compete. Will China emerge as a global technology innovator, or will it merely be as base for manufacturing, with innovation and the control of intellectual property remaining with large multinational Western vendors.. (Read more)
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