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This Wiki aims to enable readers to gain knowledge about specific ICT (Information and Communication Technology) issues with regards to Climate Change. In this Wiki, key terms and concepts would be explained with the aid of real-world examples and cases as illustrations. The specific issues are divided into the categories as shown on the right.

Objectives of Wiki


Part I - On Climate Change

    1. To define Climate Change
    2. To provide information on the state of Climate Change, specifically on Global Warming, in recent years
    3. To state the factors causing Climate Change and the impacts brought about by Climate Change
        (with emphasis on Global Warming)

Part II - On Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a Solution to Climate Change

    4.  To explain the term ICT
    5.  To highlight specific ICT that can be employed in industries as a means to mitigate Climate Change
    6.  To explore the role of the Internet in the fight against Climate Change
    7.  To provide an overview of how, in general, the advancement in ICT has led to benefits for the environment

Part III - On Limitations of ICT as a Solution to Climate Change

    8.  To explore how freedom of expression on the Internet has allowed for the debate on whether Man is the main force
         behind Climate Change
    9.  To explore how ICT is also a cause of Climate Change
   10. To state how ICT is unable to serve as a standalone solution

Part IV - On Ongoing Research and Development of ICT to Fight Climate Change

   11. To draw attention to existing international discussions on ICT and Climate Change