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Technological breakthroughs, especially in information and communication technologies (ICT), have brought unprecedented benefits to economies worldwide. The positive benefits created by ICT are observable in all sectors of the economy-in the ICT-producing sector as well as the ICT-using sector.

  • Improvement of inventory management, better flow control, better integration between sales and production and, therefore, enhancing management of production
  • Energize the market due to shortening of product life cycles
  • Increase of foreign investment
  • Create new kind of jobs


  • Increase of reach of political messages
  • Allow the possibility to keep in touch with overseas citizen and give them their voting ability


  • Increase interaction between pupils while learning with the aid of ICT. 
  • Enable new forms of interaction between firms and other parties such as consumers thanks to networking
  • Facilitate cost-effective public and private services
  • Increased transport efficiency

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