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As the pictures clearly show, ICT and Agriculture are not things that people would easily connect with each other. One involves computers and networks and information, while the other involves man and animal power, chemicals and crops. Where is the connection?

Like almost all other aspects of life today, the field of agriculture has slowly come to depend on ICT out of necessity. The articles below should demonstrate just how the two fields came together in the way they did and the effects of this union.


The beginning of ICT use in agriculture

How ICT and agriculture first came together

Reasons for using ICT in agriculture

Why we need ICT in agriculture

A Summary of the European Federation of Information Technology in Agriculture (EFITA) Questionnaires

The impact of ICT in agriculture

Emerging Issues in e-Agriculture

Initial issues faced in ICT adoption in agriculture

Additional Readings

This section contains some additional readings containing basic introductory information about the use of ICT in Agriculture which readers may find useful for further information.  

1) ICT in Agriculture (Wikipedia)

- Contains an introduction and overview to the history of ICT in Agriculture and also its potential uses in the industry.

2) Gender, ICTs and Agriculture

- A Situation Analysis for the 5th Consultative Expert Meeting of CTA's ICT Observatory meeting on Gender and Agriculture in the Information Society

3) E-Agriculture Beyond the Internet

- An article describing the various innovations e-Agriculture can be used to benefit farmers beyond only the Internet

4) ZAMP Wiki

- Another Wiki on the use of ICT in Agriculture. Note that it is quite incomplete and is currently a listing of resources and references.